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Case study: BiaSol 

Why it is a good practice? ​

BiaSol is a family-owned food start-up driven by the need for more sustainable, nutritious foods. They care about our environment and the people who live in it and strive to make highly nutritious, zero-waste food products that are easily accessible in Ireland. They are fighting back against typical processed foods and their low nutritional value. They have been repurposing spent brewers’ grains, to make ‘a delectably malty hero ingredient’. Every BiaSol product is designed to help one make better food choices in the simplest way possible. Not only are their products good for you but they also taste great. BiaSol is committed to building a zero-waste world via innovative solutions to food waste that also support local businesses.​

About ​

Bia Sol was established in 2020, by sister and brother team Niamh & Ruairi when they realised that repurposing food waste was a viable way to be more sustainable AND create healthy food products. The rapid growth of craft brewing across Ireland led them to their first ingredient: brewers’ spent grains.​

A lot has changed since they began their journey. For one, they’ve refined their product range and invested in bigger premises and more resources to grow the business. There is one thing that will never change – their commitment to simple, nutritious products that are good for you and good for our planet. In the future, they plan to release many more healthy food products that focus on minimising waste while also providing nutritional value.​

Ethical ​

BiaSol believe in positive change as they grow, and they know how important it is to be both ethical and have an impact. They are slowly attempting to create a better way of producing food and creating awareness. They aim for zero food waste not just in their business but are creating a stop food waste community and are supported by a bunch of fantastic Irish Independently owned craft breweries whom all share the same vision - how can we reduce waste and build circular food systems?​


Environmental and sustainable development is at the heart of everything BiaSol is working on. Their entire business is built on creating a circular economy. They remove waste (spent brewers' grains) from several brewing companies and give the ‘waste’ product an extended life by repurposing the grains into nutritious food ingredients. It can’t get much better than that.​

Healthy ​

Niamh with her background in nutrition and food science has been spreading the word about the health benefits of their products. Approx 75% of Irish adults don’t meet the RDA of fibre and now their product is helping to put more fibre in everyone’s diets. It's super important, so Niamh and the team have been putting together some useful insights into why Fibre matters and this can be found on their website. For every tablespoon of BiaSol Super Milled Grains, you’ll get 10% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of fibre.​

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