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Introducing the 90-Day Guide to Ethical Food Entrepreneurship!

Join the future of ethical food business with our comprehensive 90-day "Developing an Ethical Food Enterprise" programme. Our innovative OERs (Open Educational Resources) arm educators with a complete toolkit, tailored for the fast-paced transformation of the EU food system.

What's included?

Expertly designed Curricula to dive deep into ethical food enterprise.
Clear Learning Objectives to measure student progress.
Engaging Assignments to apply new knowledge.

Why It's Vital

As the demand for plant-based diets soars, food entrepreneurs are becoming the bridge between health and sustainability. But there's a gap – existing HEI and VET courses fall short. Our multi-format programme is here to change that.

Equip Educators for the Ethical Food Revolution

With our resources, educators can transition from generalist topics to specialised knowledge of the contemporary ethical food market. Help transform innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Be at the forefront of ethical food entrepreneurship education and download modules AND Facilitators Guide below to get started!

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