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Savonia University of Applied Sciences, is a multidisciplinary institution of higher education, offering bachelor and master’s degrees in 6 different fields of studies. Operations also include adult education as well as research, development and innovation activities. Its focus areas for research and development are Food industries, Bio and Circular Economy, Wellbeing Technology, Water Safety and Innovative Engineering.

The food sector is one of the areas of specialization in Savonia who is committed to strengthening the vitality of the region and the well-being of the food businesses by developing the food industry, food chain capabilities and related new innovations.

Dr. Anna-Maria Saarela

Ryhanen Solja

Catherine Neill

Aine Hamill

With over 20 years' experience in EU projects and 14 staff employed in the EU project division, Momentum’s specific EU project competencies relate to the design and delivery of capacity building programmes and quality digital education in the VET education sector. Much of this work involves combining an intimate knowledge of the Irish food sector with key specialisms of blended learning and professional training development, leading to the creation of train the trainer resources which seek to develop teacher and wider education sector competence levels on a certain topic or skillset. As well as delivering training, Momentum is deeply involved in course curriculum and content development

Orla Casey

Paula Whyte

Evla Mutlu

Gözdegül Başer

Elsa Ramalhosa

Devon Butterfield

Elaine Donohue

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