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Case Study: Meira Nova

Meira Nova is a wholesaler that has specialised in serving restaurants, hotels, personnel restaurants and public sector institutional kitchens for the past 30 years. Customers include restaurants, hotels, corporate canteens and public sector institutional kitchens. Meira Nova’s services cover all of Finland. The product range contains all the products needed by these customers and they offer:
Online shopping, open 24/7
Selection of 21,000 products
Most reliable deliveries in the field
Option of shopping all the product areas supplied in a single delivery
Delivery within 48 hours
Competitive prices
Sympathetic and competent customer service

Why it is a Good Practice?
Meira Nova's product selection consists of domestic products and foreign products. Regardless of the country of origin, the products must meet the responsibility guidelines defined by Meira Nova. Responsible sourcing plays an important role in efforts to preserve natural diversity, sustainable development and promote the realisation of human rights. Each of Meira Nova's suppliers commits to the guidelines through a procurement framework agreement. Procurement responsibility consists of several areas. The sub-areas include environmental responsibility, social responsibility and financial responsibility. 
For suppliers, Meira Nova enters into a written procurement agreement with all suppliers. You can read the product group-specific quality requirements and expectations via the links that follow: 

Fruits and vegetables 
Industrial foodstuffs 
Fresh products and frozen foods 
Daily use goods 


Meira Nova prefers products that meet the responsible procurement criteria. The company evaluates the general principles of the policy, the species accepted for the selections and the species-specific criteria on a regular basis. At the same time, it is required that the principles are implemented down the procurement chain. Read more about Meira Nova's responsibility principles here, such as Meira Nova Sustainability Report as well as policies on responsible procurement in the links below: 
Animal welfare policy 
Coffee and tea line-up 
Fish line 
Egg alignment 
Forest lost alignment (beef) 
Forest lost alignment (wood and paper) 
Plastic lining 
Palm oil alignment 
Soy alignment 

In Meira Nova's procurement contract, suppliers commit to Amfori BSCI's ethical operating principles and at the same time it is required that the principles be implemented down the supply chain. Meira Nova belongs to the S group and through that is committed to the:

S group's responsibility guidelines and ethical principles: 
BSCI Code of Conduct ethical principles 
Implementation conditions 
Amfori BSCI reference document 
Amfori BSCI glossary 
Risk paint amphora BSCI 2022 (English) 

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