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Case Study: Namet

Namet is a leading meat producer in Turkey. Being on top with its natural, healthy and reliable products for many years, Namet ranks first among consumers' preferences with its 150+ products from delicatessen to fresh meat, from further processed products to frozen ones, always with a high level of care for hygiene, technology, and taste. Namet competes with itself to produce the best with its business approach that values human health and quality above everything in the most advanced production plant in Turkey. The company is the market leader with a 21.5% market share, exports to 12 countries, and produces in 4 plants with 1539 Employees (40% women). Their plants have IFS, BRC quality and food safety system certifications as well as TSE product and service qualification certification.

Why it is a good practice?
Here are some reasons for Namet to be considered as an ethical producer:
They obtain 70% of the meat from local farmers. They follow the “Ethical Principles and Working Principles” as a guide in all their business processes.
They want to ensure food safety at all stages, from farm to fork.
They reduce energy consumption, produce their own energy and try to reduce waste and take measures to reduce pollution.
They comply with all environmental laws.
There is no discrimination (religion, language, race, gender, ethnic group, etc.) to provide employment, all working conditions make it equal for their employees and Namet continuously improves the quality of its workforce with regular personnel training offerings.
The firm's expertise in the sector schools and courses in (Namet Butcher School etc.) benefit the workforce, as qualified people contribute to bring its resources to the sector and society.
They are transparent, open to all their stakeholders and have lean, fair and respectful communication.
They value social responsibility and take part in many social projects to contribute to the community.
They contribute to regional development via a regional employment policy.
They aim to employ more than 1,500 people via a new investment planned to optimise the automation systems within the framework of the Industry 4.0 application.
They have a well-established waste policy. They separate the meat products that can be consumed by animals and donate them to animal shelters free of charge.
Considering the needs of nuclear families, they produce the majority of their products as portion packages so that they can consume as much as they can, and the remaining product is not wasted.

As part of the company’s waste policy, they have achieved the following results:
152,087 kg less plastic waste in 2021 with their Lower Foil Thinning project.
They saved 1689 trees in 2021 within their IFCO Project.
They reduced 24,622 kg of metal waste in 2021 with their oil project.
They used their wastewater for garden irrigation.
They meet 60% of their electricity needs in their Şanlıurfa Biogas Plant.
Within the scope of their zero-waste approach, they collect their food and packaging wastes in different areas and send them for recycling.
They collect and purify rainwater leading to the recovery of 500 m3 of water.
They use 2 Cogeneration Systems with a capacity of 2MW/unit to increase energy efficiency and minimise the amount of environmental pollution.

Namet principles and values exhibit their ethics as they work to ensure that they are:
Protecting human health via production under the guidance of rules for food safety without wasting natural resources.
Respecting ethical rules and laws.
Producing with utmost care for the environment and nature.
Giving importance to informing consumers truly about meat products, producing new and Turkish pleasing, high-quality and safe products with various tastes in accordance with their needs.

Increasing productivity through keeping the motivation high with the value it gives to its employees.
Increasing quality with R&D studies after overhauling technology.

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